Slip resistant floor treatment

Slip resistant floor treatment can be a remedial treatment applied to an existing floor surface to reduce slips and fall exposure. They are designed to improve the coefficient of friction. Depending on the type of floor surface, a large selection of floor treatment products is available for hard or resilient surfaces. To ensure desired results, consider different characteristics and benefits in selecting a floor treatment. Because they only treat the surface, they are subject to wear and require periodic dressing (maintenance) and eventual reapplication to maintain the desired level of slip resistance.

Research is necessary for selection of an appropriate floor treatment suitable for a specific application. Besides the initial and maintenance costs and durability, factors such as substrate conditions, pedestrian and forklift traffic, environmental conditions, compatibility and resistance to spills of chemicals, oils, foods and soapy water are some additional details to consider. Some surfaces, such as polished marble and granite, may be damaged easily if adequate care is not taken in selection of a floor treatment suitable for these surfaces. It may also be important to consider regulatory implications. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires floor surfaces to be stable, firm, and slip resistant. In addition, any cleaning treatment chemicals and coatings used in food processing plants must be approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Some electronics assembly areas require anti-static specifications.

Before purchasing and applying any coating, consult with the manufacturers and their application specialists to determine the most suitable treatment. Compare several products by testing for the best results. A coating manufacturer can provide data on expected improvement in coefficient of friction and may even assist in comparison and selection of suitable coating, including assistance with slip meter measurements. For better results, most floor treatments require a thorough cleaning of surface before applying a coating. Follow proper procedures as recommended by the manufacturer, including stripping previous finish, use of proper equipment, application rates, and drying time.

Although none of the coatings and treatments can provide permanent long term results, experience has shown that without proper preparation, application and maintenance, even the best coatings do not provide desired results.

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