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Slip resistant floor treatment

Slip resistant floor treatment can be a remedial treatment applied to an existing floor surface to reduce slips and fall exposure. They are designed to improve the coefficient of friction. Depending on the type of floor surface, a large selection of floor treatment products is available for hard or resilient surfaces. To ensure desired results,
consider different characteristics and benefits in selecting a floor treatment. Because they only treat the surface, they are subject to wear and require periodic dressing (maintenance) and eventual reapplication to maintain the desired level of slip resistance.
Research is necessary for selection of an appropriate floor treatment suitable for a specific application. Besides the initial and maintenance costs and durability, factors such as substrate conditions, pedestrian and forklift traffic, environmental conditions, compatibility and resistance to spills of chemicals, oils, foods and soapy water
are some additional details to consider. Some surfaces, such as polished marble and granite, may be damaged easily if adequate care is not taken in selection of a floor treatment suitable for these surfaces. It may also be important to consider regulatory implications. For example, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires
floor surfaces to be stable, firm, and slip resistant. In addition, any cleaning treatment chemicals and coatings used in food processing plants must be approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
Some electronics assembly areas require anti-static specifications.
Before purchasing and applying any coating, consult with the manufacturers and their application specialists to determine the most suitable treatment. Compare several products by testing for the best results. A coating manufacturer can provide data on expected improvement in coefficient of friction and may even assist in comparison and selection of suitable coating, including assistance with slip meter measurements. For better results, most floor treatments require a thorough cleaning of surface before applying a coating. Follow proper procedures as recommended by the manufacturer, including stripping previous finish, use of proper equipment, application rates, and drying time.
Although none of the coatings and treatments can provide permanent long
term results, experience has shown that without proper preparation, application and maintenance, even the best coatings do not provide desired results.
Ask us, we can help!

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The potential effect of a slip fall accident on your business

When a slip fall accident occurs, it can be devastating for you. You may lose key staff member for several weeks or months, your staff is spending time to assist your insurer and solicitors instead of doing their normal duties, your business reputation can suffer. Valuable time is spent on filling out forms and handling replacement staff on top of excesses and all other cost associated with the incident. The annual cost of slip and fall injuries to the community is about $3 billion annually and fast growing with our aging population.

It is believed that the largest slip and fall accident settlement to date is about $2.75 million.

This all can be prevented. Slip Busters of Texas has not only the products to prevent slips and falls but the best follow-up system.

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January 13, Happy New Year

Slips and falls on walking surfaces account for 50 percent of all premises accidents to members of the public. They amount to 23 percent of all remediable injuries in the workplace. Severe injuries, including broken bones, back and head injuries, and even fatalities, can result from slip and fall accidents on untreated floors and tubs.

Slip resistant floor treatment can be a potential treatment applied to an existing floor/tub surface to reduce slips and fall exposure. They are designed to improve the coefficient of friction. Depending on the type of floor /tub surface, we at Slip Busters of Texas can suggest a large selection treatment  products available for hard or resilient surfaces. To ensure desired results, consider different characteristics and benefits in selecting a floor or tub treatment.

Our treatment will not cause chipping, peeling or discoloration.  In fact, your floors and bathtub will look brand new again.

Every floor and bathtub treated is guaranteed to have an increased coefficient of friction for at least one to five years.  And we back it up with a written guarantee

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Factor that changes the level of friction between two surfaces

Did you know that: Any factor that changes the level of friction between two surfaces affects slip resistance. When a floor surface and the sole of an individual’s shoe are clean and dry, there is generally a high level of friction between the surfaces. In this case, the likelihood of slips and falls is reduced. Over time, as flooring surfaces and shoe soles become covered by foreign materials or become wet, the level of friction is reduced. As this occurs, the likelihood of a slip or fall increases.

Foreign materials include dirt, grease and water. However, some cleaning products used on flooring surfaces can build up a film in the pores of flooring material. This reduces the friction produced by the surface, increasing the likelihood of slips and falls. Such a buildup of materials is called “polymerization.”

The longer polymerization continues, the more difficult it is to remove. This becomes extremely important in cases where the floor surface occasionally becomes wet, such as in restaurants. Frequently in the real estate industry, occasional spills, weather-related hazards, wet and oily surfaces,  and changes in the degree of traction serve as primary causes of slips and falls.

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Tips to Prevent Slips and Falls

Falling and slipping injuries are expected to increase in number as the baby boomer generation ages. That’s because the elderly are more at risk of being injured in slip and fall accidents. That, and other facts and solutions are contained in a document by CNA.

According to the report, annually fall accidents kill more than 16,000 people in the country. Besides these, more than one million people are injured every year. Most of these accidents are caused because of factors like poor walking surface, lack of visibility, poor accessibility, and weak hand rails and guard rails.

According to the National Floor Institute, the number of seniors in the country between 2005 and 2020 is expected to increase from 35 million to 77 million. Not only are these people more likely to slip and fall injuring themselves, but the cost of treating these injuries is higher for an elderly person than for someone younger.  Fall injuries that elderly people face are also the number one reason they have to be hospitalized.

The insurer has a wealth of tips for owners of commercial properties to reduce their claims figures by making premises safer. Suggestions include installation of high traction flooring material that is resistant to slipping. If an existing floor increases the risk of slipping, CNA suggests using surface treatments, replacement of the floor, and carpeting to reduce the risk. The National Floor Safety Institute has a range of recommended flooring materials that can reduce slipping. Besides, premises should be well lit, and stairways should be especially safe to use. Staff must be trained in cleanup of spills as soon as they occur.

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